Web Conferencing for Multiple Locations and Multiple Parties

Participate in fully interactive, multi-party web conferencing simply by using an Internet-connected PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Why use EGCR’S Portable Web Conferencing?

  • QUALITY: EGCR’S Portable Web Conference has professional quality audio and video.
  • RELIABILITY: EGCR’S Portable Web Conference is far less likely to skip orcrash.
  • SECURITY: HIPAA Compliant. EGCR uses an encoded server, so security never needs to be an issue.
  • COMPATABILITY: EGCR’S Portable Web Conferenceworks with virtually any device, mobile or otherwise.

Allow EGCR to coordinate your web conference deposition in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: : EGCR will coordinate with all parties involved in the web/videoconference to ensure they have the appropriate technology.
  • Step 2: : Prior to scheduled deposition, EGCR will perform a test with each location to ensure smooth connectivity. Each participant willreceive an email invitation with the necessary log-in information.
  • Step 3: : On the day of the deposition, all participants will sign in to the web/videoconference via their computers.

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